Is A Friction-based Solution As Safe As A Jim Hensley Hitch?

Is A Friction-based Solution As Safe As A Jim Hensley Hitch?

If safety is your top priority, ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch is the perfect trailer hitch for you. The ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch will give your towing the proper security and peace of mind like no other. Especially if someone else is pulling your trailer around. Several things could go wrong when towing a lot of weight. These outcomes may be dangerous if someone didn’t have the right hitch.

What is a Jim Hensley Hitch?

The Jim Hensley Hitch is a "Pivot Point Projection (3P)" hitch that is used to tow bumper-pulled trailers and is also referred to as a sway-control hitch. Additionally, it has weight distribution jacks, which serve to balance the connection between the vehicle and the trailer by evenly distributing weight.

The ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch is the most advanced trailer sway-eliminating hitch ever created and is now offered on the market. It uses amazing welding processes that are executed under close supervision to produce flawless welds every time. The ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch is the most reputable brand of trailer hitches, which guarantees a secure and pleasurable towing experience.

How does it work?

The ProPride 3P® (Pivot Point Projection) projects your trailer's pivot point to the rear axle, which eliminates trailer sway in any situation.

The ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley hitch operates completely differently. Why? This is because the 3P hitch is attached to the trailer coupler. We lock out the side-to-side movement on the hitch ball by coupling the main unit to the trailer's coupler.

The ProPride 3P® works by projecting a virtual pivot point(tm) to near the rear axle of the tow vehicle. With Pivot Point Projection(tm), or 3P, technology incorporated in the main hitch head, the trailer's effective pivot point is no longer at the hitch ball when a force acts upon the towed trailer. The forward effective pivot point of the trailer shortens the lever arm distance between the pivot point of the trailer and the rear axle of the tow vehicle. Shortening that distance has a dramatic effect on the stability of both the trailer and the tow vehicle when the trailer is acted upon by an outside force.

The 3P effectively causes your towing rig to act as a fifth wheel when influenced by outside forces. That is by locking out the side-to-side movement and projecting the pivot point forward to the rear axle of your tow vehicle.

The towing rig becomes exceptionally sturdy and stable with the 3P technology.

Is A Friction-based Solution As Safe As A Jim Hensley Hitch?

Definitely, not. The hitch ball, where the issue first arises, continues to serve as the pivot point in a friction-based solution. A friction-based solution will only work at high speeds when sway develops. The trailer will start to sway when the sway force exceeds the friction coefficient.

Friction based solutions only reduce trailer sway. There is never enough friction to completely stop trailer sway. You would need to apply enough friction to prevent the trailer from pivoting in order to stop swaying with friction. In other words, the amount of friction required to keep the trailer from swaying would also make it impossible for you to take turns, which is not safe.

But with the ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch, you will never have to worry about fighting trailer sway because you will never experience it at all. The ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch eliminates sway. You can even tow up to your vehicle's full towing capability.

One more thing, friction-based solution trailer hitches are loud. Due to the grinding metal on metal that creates the friction it also creates a lot of noise. And who wants to hear the screeches when pulling into a campground? I bet you don’t.

The ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch is extremely silent; some call it the "silent assassin". Watch this.

There are some other friction based trailer hitches you can buy to help you with your towing needs like the Blue Ox SwayPro®, Equalizer®, Husky Center Line® TS, and more. But the question is, are they safe? That’s totally different.

Sometimes, towing is not as easy as it seems. That is why choosing the ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch is the best decision you will ever make as it ensures your safety while towing. A commanding lead in safety, the ProPride 3P® is heavy-duty, quiet, and reduces the stress of long hauls and travel time. Adverse driving conditions are eliminated, as is the agony of driving at the perfect speed while trying to stay in your lane.

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