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How ProPride Can Help

Simulating the king pin attachment on all fifth wheels, by projecting the effective pivot point towards the tow vehicle's rear axle, allows your Airstream trailer to handle as great as it looks.

With ProPride 3P® technology incorporated in the main hitch head, the trailer's effective pivot point, is no longer at the hitch ball when a side force acts upon the trailer.

The forward pivot point of the trailer shortens the lever arm distance between the pivot point of the trailer and the rear axle of the tow vehicle.

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Paramount Design Engineered To Elevate Your Towing Experience

Our Pivot Point Projection (3P) hitch locks out any side-to-side movement on the hitch ball. Any force into the side attempting to pivot the trailer at the coupler is projected forward to the rear axle of your tow vehicle. The forward projection technology eliminates sway under all conditions.

The ProPride 3P® eliminates the need for an oversized vehicle. You can tow to the maximum towing capacity of your vehicle. An oversized vehicle is not the solution to sway in and of itself, we call this The Big Truck Myth.

A trailer can sway on the back of a very large truck just as it does on a smaller one because the pivot point is the same. You may feel the trailer sway less in a larger truck, but not feeling the sway can also lead to the destruction of your trailer.

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Propride 3P owner and his airstream and truck

"We love to tow our International 30 with a ProPride. Never any sway issues and extremely stable in all conditions."

- James M, Airstream and ProPride 3P® Owner

Eliminate All Trailer Sway

With a friction based solution the pivot point is still on the hitch ball, that is where the problem starts. A friction based solution will only go into effect, at speed, when sway starts to happen. In cases where the force of the sway exceeds the friction coefficient, the trailer will start to sway.

In order to stop sway with friction you would have to apply enough friction to stop the trailer from pivoting.

In other words, the amount of friction necessary to stop the trailer from swaying would also prevent you from being able to take turns.

An Iconic Style Attached to a Revolutionary Hitch

Airstream is built for experiencing magnificent North American landscapes from a functional urban oasis to otherworldly wide-open spaces. Bringing people together through the experience of exploration and adventure is not just what has led this company it has defined an industry.

To many Airstream enthusiasts, pink flamingos symbolize the culture of being an owner of the iconic brand. The mix of culture, adventure, socializing, and freedom embodied in the idea that such adventures allow family, personal, and career growth to flourish. The journey itself is where the ProPride 3P® cements its legacy, trips should be fun.

A commanding lead in safety the ProPride 3P® is heavy-duty, quiet, and reduces the stress of long hauls and travel time. Adverse driving conditions are eliminated, as is the agony of driving at the perfect speed while trying to stay in your lane. The paramount attribute in towing your Airstream is safety. Made in the USA, and backed by a lifetime warranty, finally, relax and enjoy the journey.

The development of the ProPride 3P® has carved out a niche of its own, leaning on the fundamentals of engineering to manufacture a trailering experience that matches the uncompromising performance looks and feel of an airstream trailer. Continuously evolving, the 3P’s ingenuity spirit has led to momentous changes enhancing how airstream owners feel about towing with a ProPride 3P®. When your Airstream looks at you, it beckons you to hit the road and adventure at any moment.

When a ProPride 3P® is installed that adventure feeling won’t stifle thoughts of difficult towing over mountain passes, wide-open valleys, or harsh weather on the open freeway. Not surprising Airstream owners that travel with the ProPride 3P® rely on the durability, engineering, and design, it is championed for.

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Subject to approval of credit application. Bread Pay™ loans are made by Comenity Capital Bank, a Bread Financial™ company.

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