Hensley Arrow® vs ProPride 3P®

Evolution of the Jim Hensley Hitch

First Gen:

In 1972 Jim Hensley built a small, simple prototype of his converging link hitch design. About 1976, with plans to pursue his hitch idea, Jim ran a patent search and found there was nothing even close to his idea in the patent office.

Central Innovative (CII) was incorporated to manufacture and sell the Eliminator Towing System.

Second Gen:
Hensley Arrow®

In 1993 Jim received an inquiry for information from Colin Connell. Jim licensed the patent to the Colin, and in the first part of 1994 Hensley Mfg. Inc., was formed in Davison, Michigan for the manufacturing and sales of the hitch, now renamed the “Hensley Arrow® Hitch”.

CII continued to build hitches for Hensley Mfg. for a time until they got up to speed.

Most Advanced:
ProPride 3P®

Jim continued to work on design improvements that never materialized with Hensley Mfg. For this and other reasons Sean Woodruff, the 10 year Vice President of Hensley Mfg., ended his relationship with the company and began working on ProPride, Inc.

In October of 2007, Jim Hensley and Sean Woodruff worked to build the most advanced Hensley hitch design to date… the ProPride 3P®.

Innovations Made for the Hensley Arrow®

  • Dual Jack System for Weight Distribution

CAD drawing of the ProPride 3P®

ProPride 3P rendering

Innovations Made for the ProPride 3P®

  • Adjustable Hitch Bar (same equipment adjusts to any towing vehicle)
  • Greater Hitch Bar Wedge and Hitch Box Angle (helps hitching and unhitching, less sticking)
  • One Piece Yoke (does not allow pivoting on the ball)
  • No Frame Drilling (no need to weaken the frame by drilling holes in it)
  • Weight Distribution Hitch Location (more leverage, no possibility of bending the pin as with the Hensley Arrow®)
  • Bolt In Spring Bars (they are bolted into the hitch head, less wear and they cannot fall out)
  • Powder Coating Pre-Treatment (prevents chipping of paint and rusting)
  • Thicker Control Links (the ones on the Hensley Arrow® often bend, these are under a great load and needed to be thicker)
  • Thicker Hitch Box (the ones on the Hensley Arrow® often become warped and reduce effectiveness, the ProPride 3P® design solves the issue)

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ProPride 3P® Hitch

The ProPride 3P® hitch is the most advanced trailer sway eliminating, Jim Hensley hitch design on the market. It's industry leading design and innovation is second to none.

The quality of the workmanship and service behind the product draws rave reviews from customers across North America.

60 Day No Risk Guarantee

No questions asked!

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Lowest monthly payment ever on the Propride 3P® Hitch!

Made In The USA

Join thousands already towing safely with the ProPride 3P®!


Customer Review

"I recently purchased the ProPride “hitch” after owning a Hensley.. the Hensley did what it was advertised to do.. but when the weight distribution jack failed on the Hensley, so did their customer service department.. since my purchase of the ProPride I have towed our Airstream approximately 2500 miles and the ProPride has also performed as advertised.. what I have noticed with the ProPride from the initial opening of the packaging, was the care that the company has taken to assure the customer is getting a product that is in pristine condition. The instructions are very informative and easy to follow.. ProPride also has some very detailed videos to assist you if you have any questions.. what astonished me next was that you could actually call their customer service line and speak directly to someone who is legitimately happy and capable to assist you with your questions.. I have worked in agriculture on the retail side of things for over 30 years and I know the dedication it takes to honor that commitment to service. I will obviously rate the quality of the ProPride and the advances they have made in sway control at a full 5 stars.. in an online world that has tried to take the personal touch out of the purchasing process, I applaud ProPride for staying true to their values and the customer."

- Tim Feltner

“My ProPride always feels solid and secure without the annoying bumping feel I got from the Hensley that I bought and returned five months later”

Don Taylor  - Aug 26, 2019

“I have had my ProPride for four years. I am very pleased with it, I have hooked and unhooked at least 50 times and it is much easier than the Hensley I had just before this one. I am looking for a lifetime of service because it is the last hitch I need to buy because there are no holes to drill. I tow an Airstream 28FC and it works like a dream. I had a true emergency hard stop and the trailer stayed right were it was supposed to be”

Mike L.  - Sep 2, 2019

"I have a ProPride and I can definitely say that their product is of good quality and customer service is even better. When everything arrived, it was properly packaged to minimize damage. Their FB group is also very helpful and the owner Sean is very active in the group too”

Jose Rivas  - Jan 09, 2021

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Subject to approval of credit application. Bread Pay™ loans are made by Comenity Capital Bank, a Bread Financial™ company.

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