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Here is the executive summary: Anyone that tells you that it is only a mater of weight distribution, speed, truck size, trailer braking, experience, or cost must be corrected. There are only two solutions 1. A Jim Hensley Hitch like the ProPride 3P® or 2. A far more expensive rig involving a 5th wheel.

If you want to eliminate sway, you need to buy a Jim Hensley Hitch. The ProPride 3P® is the latest of three Jim Hensley hitches in existence. First came the Eliminator, then the Hensley Arrow® and finally the ProPride 3P®. The ProPride 3P® is the only one which incorporates all of Jim Hensley's innovations.

Most buyers of ProPride 3P® hitch used to own a friction based solution, all of them wish they would have just started out with the product that eliminates the problem, namely the ProPride 3P®.


MYTH: Just Distribute the Weight Correctly and There Will Be No Sway

This is a very common statement and it is factually incorrect. A trailer CAN and WILL sway given enough of a cross wind or other side to side pressure regardless of load balancing. The same is true even if a weight distribution hitch is implemented. The only system that eliminates sway on a bumper pulled trailer is a Jim Hensley hitch, namely the ProPride 3P®.


MYTH: Just Slow Down To Stop Sway, You Crazy Guy

This is true only if you drive down the freeway at 45mph any speed above that can initiate trailer sway. Try driving across Texas at 45mph, your spouse will leave you and you will agree that this solution belongs in the myth category.


MYTH: Just Get a Bigger Truck To Stop Sway

This is a particularly dangerous myth. The truth is that trailers can, and do sway, behind very large tow vehicles. This is dangerous because the driver is often less aware of the sway that is building behind a larger vehicle and may only be alerted to it once the trailer hits other vehicles or worse. Many 3/4 ton trucks have been toppled this way, the driver not even feeling the sway until the situation was unrecoverable.

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MYTH: Just Pump Your Trailer Brakes To Stop Sway

Aside from jerking your family around all day as you hit that button across the state, there is a list of other problems with this statement.

  • Assuming that you will always be able to react just in time is dangerous. By the time you reach over to the brakes, the trailer could be up on one wheel.
  • You will wear out your tires, brakes and anyone who has the misfortune of being along for the ride.


MYTH: With Experience, You Will Learn How To Stop Trailer Sway

So the statement implies that you have some kind of place where you can safely trigger and then mitigate sway until you learn how to stop it as it starts. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that this strategy doesn't exist in the real world that you live in. Even people who say things like "I have been towing for years and never had a problem" need to realize that they are playing a numbers game and it is just a matter of time before they have a serious problem.


MYTH: Just Get a 5th Wheel / The ProPride 3P® is Expensive

While it is true that the 5th wheel stops trailer sway just as a ProPride 3P® does, the cost of the ProPride 3P® is far less. Spending $15-$20K more on a truck that can handle the 5th wheel, while losing the use of the truck bed and spending 50% more on the trailer itself is a lot more expensive than a Pivot Point Projection hitch like the ProPride 3P®. The ProPride 3P® solves the problem as a kit that converts your rig to pivot the same way that a 5th wheel does. The ProPride 3P® also distributes the weight better than a 5th wheel does.

Other anti sway systems that rely on friction do not work. Another interesting fact about the ProPride 3P® is that folks are typically able to sell them used for around $2K after using them even for years.

Subject to approval of credit application. Bread Pay™ loans are made by Comenity Capital Bank, a Bread Financial™ company.

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