Lippert 335852 Straptek Weight Tension Technology Kit

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  • Strap-Tek Weight Distributing Hitch Set
  • Strap-Tek Weight Distribution With ProPride 3P hitch
  • Strap-Tek and ProPride 3P Hitch
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The Straptek weight distribution system and tensioner revolutionizes the ease and safety of adjusting your weight distribution hitch system while dramatically improving sway control!

Straptek simplifies weight distribution hitch systems for trailers by employing a ratchet winch and heavy-duty polyester straps instead of traditional chains and snap-up brackets.

Straptek allows users to safely adjust weight distribution spring bars on their trailer with a standard socket wrench. It also provides sway control and is compatible with most weight distribution hitch systems. Standard weight distribution systems (WDS) require raising the tow vehicle with a manual jack over and over in order to get the right tension.

Straptek weight distribution system and tensioner adjusts by simply tightening or loosening the heavy-duty polyester straps with a standard socket wrench, saving time and energy. Standard WDS spring bars can bear hundreds of pounds of built-up pressure. When unhitching a trailer, an RVer must eventually unlatch the snap up chains using a lifting accessory. If too much tension remains on the spring bars, they can snap back and cause serious injury. Straptek does away with chains and can be adjusted and readjusted using our easy-to-use ratchet and winch system.

A standard WDS system requires at least 7-1/2 inches of extra chain between the snap-up hook and the spring bar. Straptek's low-profile design reduces the pendulum length by about half, providing increased sway control. Straptek reduces the anxiety that comes with the dangerous trailer movement sometimes allowed by traditional chain and bracket systems.

Straptek weight distribution system and tensioner works as an alternative, low-profile weight distribution system for the ProPride 3P hitch. 

Strap-Tek Lippert 335852 Instructions Install Manual

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