Cost-Effective Solutions for Common RV Issues

Posted by ProPride Hitch on 13th Jan 2022

Cost-Effective Solutions for Common RV Issues

RVing is meant to be enjoyable, so don't let small issues turn into big problems and ruin your experience. Whether it's storage, comfort, or anything else, there will likely be something that causes a bit of frustration. The good news is that these issues are often easy to fix. At ProPride Hitch, we want you to get the most out of your recreational vehicle and are happy to provide helpful hints, tricks, and tips to quickly resolve minor problems before they become bigger issues. The solutions we suggest are cost-effective, requiring only a few dollars in materials that can be found at hardware stores, big-box retailers, and even local chain grocery or department stores.


Many RVs don't have a lot of internal storage space, and even the larger models may have limited storage. Hooks and suspension systems can help maximize space in your RV. Suspended rod systems can be used in the kitchenette area to hang pots, pans, and other cookware. When not in use, the oven can also store cookware. This system can be applied to other areas of the RV for various storage purposes. Empty spaces can also be utilized for storage. In a pinch, the shower curtain rod can be used to hang clothes, turning the bathroom into a makeshift walk-in closet. Bungee cords can also be useful for keeping things held together tightly (just avoid using them on dishes). Plastic storage drawers, which are stackable and budget-friendly, can be used for most standard storage needs. Nesting bowls and collapsible cups can help save space in the dishes department. Remember to be creative and make use of the limited space you have in your RV, approximately 300 square feet for living space or up to 450 square feet with slide-outs.


Hammocks are a great, affordable, and easy-to-store option for comfortable outdoor lounging. They can be purchased online or in camping stores for around $60-$80, or you can make your own using PVC and netting/canvas for about half the cost with a quick DIY project. Mattress pads are a budget-friendly way to make your RV bed more comfortable. For around $20, you can cut a mattress pad to size with a utility knife and place it on uncomfortable bench seating or beds to make them more inviting. Black-out curtains are also a useful and inexpensive solution for blocking out sunlight and creating a darker environment for sleeping.

We hope these tips are helpful for improving your RV experience. While most of these suggestions are for indoor solutions, there are also many ways to enhance the outdoor environment which we will cover in a future article.