Alternatives To The Jim Hensley Hitch

Alternatives To The Jim Hensley Hitch

Various types of hitches can be used to connect a trailer to a tow vehicle. It is important to carefully consider the trailer, tow vehicle, and load in order to choose the most suitable hitch for a comfortable and safe towing experience. The ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley hitch is an option that can provide these benefits.

What is a Jim Hensley Hitch?

The Jim Hensley Hitch is a sway control hitch that uses Pivot Point Projection technology to improve stability while towing. The ProPride 3P® hitch incorporates 3P technology, which projects a virtual pivot point near the rear axle of the tow vehicle like a fifth-wheel trailer or a gooseneck trailer. This shifts the effective pivot point of the trailer away from the hitch ball and closer to the rear axle, reducing the lever arm distance between the two points. This can significantly improve stability for both the trailer and tow vehicle when the trailer is subjected to outside forces. The weight distribution feature of this hitch also helps to evenly distribute the weight of the load between the tow vehicle and trailer.

The ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch is an updated version of the Hensley Arrow® Hitch, which features a Dual Jack System for weight distribution. The inventor of both hitches, Jim Hensley, continued to work on design improvements that were not implemented by Hensley Mfg. For this and other reasons, Sean Woodruff, the former Vice President of Hensley Mfg., left the company and started working on ProPride, Inc. In October 2007, Jim Hensley and Sean Woodruff collaborated to create the most advanced Hensley hitch design yet, the ProPride 3P®. This hitch is the only one that includes all of Jim Hensley's innovations.

Innovations Made for the ProPride 3P®

  • Adjustable Hitch Bar (same equipment adjusts to any towing vehicle)
  • Greater Hitch Bar Wedge and Hitch Box Angle (helps hitching and unhitching, less sticking)
  • One Piece Yoke (does not allow pivoting on the ball)
  • No Frame Drilling (no need to weaken the frame by drilling holes in it)
  • Weight Distribution Hitch Location (more leverage, no possibility of bending the pin as with the Hensley Arrow®)
  • Bolt In Spring Bars (they are bolted into the hitch head, less wear and they cannot fall out)
  • Powder Coating Pre-Treatment (prevents chipping of paint and rusting)
  • Thicker Control Links (the ones on the Hensley Arrow® often bend, these are under a great load and needed to be thicker)
  • Thicker Hitch Box (the ones on the Hensley Arrow® often become warped and reduce effectiveness, the ProPride 3P® design solves the issue)

Alternatives to the Jim Hensley Hitch

While there are other hitches available such as the Blue Ox SwayPro®, Equal-i-zer®, Husky Center Line® TS, and others, they are not true alternatives to the Jim Hensley Hitch. These hitches use friction to try and dampen sway in certain situations, but they are not able to completely eliminate trailer sway. Friction-based solutions are less expensive, but they are limited in their effectiveness because they have few moving parts and rely on generating enough friction to stop sway. However, the amount of friction necessary to stop sway would also make it difficult to take turns. The ProPride 3P® Hitch, on the other hand, is able to completely eliminate trailer sway.

Friction-based solution hitches are loud

One issue with friction-based solutions is that they are loud, often making a grinding or screeching noise due to the metal-on-metal friction. This can be unpleasant to hear, as demonstrated in the video below.

Using a friction-based hitch can be inconvenient because of the noise it produces and the need for frequent maintenance. Some people may suggest applying grease to reduce the noise, but this will not be effective and may even reduce the functionality of the hitch. Some friction-based hitch companies claim to offer noise reduction, but this is achieved by reducing friction, which also reduces the effectiveness of the hitch.

The ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch is a silent and effective sway control hitch. Many people who have purchased the ProPride 3P® Hitch previously owned a friction-based solution and regret not starting with a superior product that completely eliminates trailer sway, such as the ProPride 3P® Hitch.

This will never happen with a ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch

Here is an example of a hitch that uses friction to control sway.

Why do we recommend the ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch?

There are many benefits to using the ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch, including increased safety on the road and the elimination of trailer sway, loud noises, and difficult installation. It is the best hitch on the market and there is no excuse not to have one.

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