Alternatives To The Jim Hensley Hitch

Alternatives To The Jim Hensley Hitch

To connect a trailer to a tow vehicle, there are multiple hitches you can choose from. Understanding hitches and picking the best hitch for the trailer and load is important for a comfortable and safe towing experience. And the ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley hitch will do it for you.

What is a Jim Hensley Hitch?

The Jim Hensley Hitch is a Pivot Point Projection weight-distribution hitch, also known as a sway-control hitch. The weight distribution helps in the more even distribution of weight in order to balance the load between the vehicle and the trailer.

The ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley hitch is equipped with 3P technology, which stands for "Pivot Point Projection." It is a technology that operates completely differently because the 3P hitch is attached to the trailer coupler. It prevents the hitch ball from moving from side to side by attaching the Main Unit to the trailer's coupler. Trailer sway is eliminated by preventing side-to-side movement and projecting the pivot point forward to the rear axle of the tow vehicle

The ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch is an improved hitch from its older version, the Second Generation: Hensley Arrow® Hitch which features a Dual Jack System for Weight Distribution.

Jim Hensley, the ProPride 3P® hitch (as well as the Hensley Arrow® hitch) inventor, continued to work on design improvements that never materialized with Hensley Mfg.

The ProPride 3P® is the only one that incorporates all of Jim Hensley's innovations.

Innovations Made for the ProPride 3P®

  • Adjustable Hitch Bar (same equipment adjusts to any towing vehicle)
  • Greater Hitch Bar Wedge and Hitch Box Angle (helps hitching and unhitching, less sticking)
  • One Piece Yoke (does not allow pivoting on the ball)
  • No Frame Drilling (no need to weaken the frame by drilling holes in it)
  • Weight Distribution Hitch Location (more leverage, no possibility of bending the pin as with the Hensley Arrow®)
  • Bolt In Spring Bars (they are bolted into the hitch head, less wear and they cannot fall out)
  • Powder Coating Pre-Treatment (prevents chipping of paint and rusting)
  • Thicker Control Links (the ones on the Hensley Arrow® often bend, these are under a great load and needed to be thicker)
  • Thicker Hitch Box (the ones on the Hensley Arrow® often become warped and reduce effectiveness, the ProPride 3P® design solves the issue)

In October of 2007, Jim Hensley and Sean Woodruff worked to build the most advanced Hensley hitch design to date…the ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch. It is now widely regarded as the most advanced trailer sway eliminating hitch ever created.

Alternatives to the Jim Hensley Hitch

The truth is, there isn’t an alternative to the Jim Hensley Hitch. Yes, you read that right. There are several other hitches you can choose from such as the Blue Ox SwayPro®, Equal-i-zer®, Husky Center Line® TS, and more. But these are not true alternatives. These are friction-based solution trailer hitches that can only dampen sway in certain situations, and will not eliminate trailer sway.

Though friction-based solutions are far less expensive, they do not fix the problem since they are simple mechanisms with very few steel and moving parts. The friction-based solution can never put enough friction on to stop trailer sway. In order to stop sway with friction, you would have to apply enough friction to stop the trailer from pivoting.

In other words, the amount of friction necessary to stop the trailer from swaying would also prevent you from being able to take turns. But the ProPride 3P® eliminates sway.

Friction-based solution hitches are loud

One of the major problems in a friction-based solution is that it’s loud. It screeches like somebody is killing a cat. Funny, right? But it’s true. That is because grinding metal with metal creates friction and a lot of noise. Check out this video below.

Unfortunately, you have to live with the noise and the looks when pulling into a campground. And when that happens, people come along and will tell you to put some grease on it. That is completely wrong! Putting grease on it won’t help.

There's a friction-based company out there that even sells noise reduction on their friction. But when you reduce noise, you're reducing friction. And reducing friction is reducing the functionality of what you bought the hitch for.

With the ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch, it is silent and will never wake up the campground.

Many ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch buyers actually owned a friction-based solution and wished they had begun with a product that is superior to all others and eliminates the problem, such as the most advanced ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch.

This will never happen with a ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch

Here is an example of a friction-based sway control hitch.

Why do we recommend the ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch?

There really is simply no excuse not to have a ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch because it makes towing safer for everyone on the road.

Trailer sway, loud noises, tricky installation— all these problems can be prevented with the best hitch in the market today, the ProPride 3P® Jim Hensley Hitch.

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